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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
Windows "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
3008Name:Uzumaki19882020-11-29 13:40:08
Hey people, if anyone needs help with the WS then add me on Steam "Uzumaki1988" and drop-in a message, I'll try to be available through the day for the WS. :)
3007Name:ares.one2020-11-13 04:26:50
Long Range+ has a decrease of firerate by -10 %.
Therefore I prefered the 30 x capacity because the 3-4 times spend on firerate has a too low boost. So I kept all bullets and put firerate upgrade with lvl 16-20 whatever i need.

As you know - once placed parts in weapon can only get back by destroy the weapon.
I only place the parts i use for a running event. Only possible by backup the savegame. When you played the round, close game, replace the backup and keep the weapon clear.
3005Name:scorpion_ka2020-11-12 20:42:28
How to properly distribute 30 upgrade points for rifle Murasama LR+?
3001Name:Uzumaki19882020-07-18 14:45:14
Well I have managed to complete 5 sets of Lvl 20 damage and capacity parts (1 set = 1 x Lvl 20 DMG + 1 x Lvl 20 CAP). I use 2 sets on my AMR Steady 6 slots and AMR Steady 5 slots. 2 sets used for Mura LR+ (1 x Charge shot build for IHC and 1 x Electric full burst build for LRC & WS). 1 set I have just kept safe for use in case I get another super awesome weapon. I do have 1 x Mura LR+ still in my inventory and also have a Mura Speedshot 6 slots in the RAID inventory.
Rest all parts I have, are kept at Lvl 16. :)
3000Name:W3SK3R2020-07-18 04:46:19
For AMR cap lvl 19-20 is only one shot, I think. Weapons that are so good you never break, you should do lvl 20 mods.
2999Name:Uzumaki19882020-07-17 14:46:43
@Daegoth Vilfariel: I'd much rather stay with 4 x Lvl 18 Capacity parts than build a Lvl 20. The difference in the number of additional shots is not that much. If it was damage then yes I'd think of putting the highest damage part I have on my best gun.
Just an advice! If you really want to use higher level part then having 2 x Lvl 19 is also pretty good.
2997Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-07-16 14:18:31
I finally got my capacity lvl 20 part. For which weapon and event would you prioritise it? I think I have all weapons with lvl 10. Was thinking on an AMR or maybe Muramasa?
2996Name:Soulless_Persona2020-07-04 10:57:13
There is a spot and point where you can shoot both chainsaws at the same time...That is what you want to do
2995Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-07-03 02:16:22
I thought that in the little head but seems like in the neck it gets more damage.
2994Name:scorpion_ka2020-07-02 16:42:53
What are the weaknesses of monsters in the last event IHC?
2993Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-07-02 03:04:26
Of course gato.
2992Name:Darkgato142020-07-02 02:23:01
Can I get Bloody Gina by just watching 1 monster die in IHC?
2991Name:Uzumaki19882020-06-27 08:00:26
@Darkgato14: Gravedigger can work pretty good in LRC (even with just 4 slots) try 25 upgrades for capacity and 5 for rate of fire.
Part (Slot-1): Full burst
Part (Slot-2): BSAA
Part (Slot-3): Fire Ammo Lv.10
Part (Slot-4): Capacity (Lv 16+ preferable)
But with this setup you will need to get pretty close to the creatures so you don't lose ammo with missed shots due to recoil.
2989Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-06-27 05:19:55
Darkgato14: it's fine if you don't have something better.
2988Name:Nimitz2020-06-27 00:23:59
thanks NX01
2987Name:Darkgato142020-06-26 15:46:19
Do you guys this could be a viable LRC shotgun?
2986Name:NX012020-06-26 05:53:56
Remove and block - R&B :)
2985Name:Nimitz2020-06-25 21:12:56
have you seen one who calls himself coronavirus or covid-19?
because it changed id
now it is цыган
2984Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-06-19 11:57:25
Wow another new horde of cheaters this week.
2983Name:Darkgato142020-06-19 07:27:36
Another day, another Python Lv. 100. Wish I could anything else besides a magnum.
2982Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-06-14 10:55:10
What d'you mean with Valerie? Are you talking 'bout Project Resistance??
2981Name:American Beetle2020-06-14 10:11:09
Remove Valerie's store Passive to prevent secret cheaters

I played RER for about 500 hours.

90% of the cheaters use Valerie because it makes it difficult for olayers to separate a legit player from a grenade cheater.

At least if the passive is removed, it will be obvious very quickly and people don't have to pull their hair when you realize Val used 40 molotovs over 3 stages while buying guns and herbs.
2980Name:NX012020-06-04 04:26:27
Poor sap, he could have asked for help, instead he deed cheating :(
2979Name:Epitome2020-06-04 01:52:34
W3SK3R, funny, this character (CoronaVirus) send me friend request, and after some time we play once in LRC. He have AMR and pale rider, so i draw attention to as many damage he dealt. Much more than usual, I feel. So i directly ask him about this and cheats, he response "No, im not cheater", and after small dialog im delete him from friends. But... after little delay im paid attention, what we play LRC 40, not 100 (as i think). What to confusion...

And just look at it.
2978Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-06-02 09:38:25
Uzumaki will try thanks. This event starts in my time zone (GMT-3) at 3:00 am but next resets are at 15:00hs (3pm).
The event is so boring and tedious, hate it. Takes so much time with charged shots.
2977Name:Uzumaki19882020-06-02 08:15:02
Daegoth Vilfariel: Buddy, just play twice tomorrow. Once before the 3 PM reset (start around 2PM) and then right after the reset. One thing which I have noticed in the past is, you have a good chance of getting to play again right after the 3PM reset by staying in the Raid lobby after the first session.
2976Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-06-02 07:04:00
Thanks Russian.
Oh shit I didn't enter tonight I lost the first reset.

2975Name:Fatal Frame(rate)2020-06-01 17:55:06
on the back between the shoulders a place pierced by a crowbar
2974Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-06-01 05:28:37
Weak point for Executioner?
2973Name:Fatal Frame(rate)2020-05-29 20:01:34
2972Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-05-29 03:50:52
2971Name:Fatal Frame(rate)2020-05-28 21:59:49
I did not find this video at ZaraSpook's channel
2970Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-05-28 03:52:03
Wow Centurion is a monster playing, a pitty he doesn't upload rev2 videos anymore.
2969Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-05-28 03:45:44
Have just watched ZaraSpook's video but thanks Russian.
2968Name:Fatal Frame(rate)2020-05-27 20:58:17
2967Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-05-27 11:24:16
Yes I froze them but lost all my bottles with other enemies.
2966Name:W3SK3R2020-05-27 07:53:22
If you play for time freeze it and then shoot it down with shotgun. Or use MP with daze mod, that drives it back all the time, but its slower.
2965Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-05-27 06:20:38
Does anyone have a video for LRC 530? I've done it but lost many hearts lol and would like to see some strats for next time. The stupid glasp game me problems.
2964Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-05-26 05:44:04
Oh crap what a cheap troll and loser cheater!
2963Name:W3SK3R2020-05-26 03:38:46
Yes, find the mistake on the screenshot!
2962Name:Uzumaki19882020-05-26 03:34:20
@Daegoth Vilfariel: "Btw, how do you know he's cheating? I can't tell the cheat xd" - See the ammo count for magnum... :P
2961Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-05-26 01:09:58
W3SK3R: I have blocked that troll, he used to enter my lobby, played 1 o 2 missions and left, and kept coming and exiting all the time . Now I kick him before he enters and also blocked him

Btw, how do you know he's cheating? I can't tell the cheat xd
2960Name:W3SK3R2020-05-25 23:40:28
Making public screenshots while cheating...
2959Name:Uzumaki19882020-05-25 08:50:01
@Daegoth Vilfariel: I'm afraid it will not work in that case. The specific WS/IHC run should be finished (score uploaded) prior to the 3 PM reset or else the specific session will be counted as completed after 3PM and you will need to wait another 24 hours before you can play.
2958Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-05-25 08:00:06
Uzumaki1988: I mean if you enter half an hour before the reset starts.
So you enter 2:30 and finish the event like in 3:30. You lose the next reset right? I mean you lose the chance because you will be uploading results after the new reset starts.

But my question was if that could be avoided by entering a little before 3:00.
2957Name:Uzumaki19882020-05-24 13:30:49
@Daegoth Vilfariel: If you have managed to complete the WS run and have had your score uploaded at the end of the run before the 3 PM reset, then technically yes... you will be able to play after the 3 PM reset.
At least that's how it has worked for me in the past. Although, there have been times when the game won't allow you to play the WS/IHC event until exactly 24 hours from the time you finished the last run regardless of the 3 PM reset. It's buggy! :P
2956Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-05-23 02:49:03
Let's say I have my WS RESET in 30 minutes. If I enter and complete the event, when I finish it, will I lose my chance to enter again? I'm talking about the reset in 30 mins.
2955Name:Fatal Frame(rate)2020-05-22 19:07:24
The character's lvl does not matter
2954Name:W3SK3R2020-05-22 06:35:14
The character has to be lvl 90+ to get lvl 100 weapons in code red. On which lvl you play makes no difference i guess, but not entirely sure
2953Name:Daegoth Vilfariel2020-05-21 10:30:29
Hey, is it true that playing CR maps as lvl 90 reduces the drop rate of lvl 100 weapons?

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