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Resident Evil Revelations Halloween Present Campaign

Thinking about taking on the denizens of the deep this Halloween?

Try using the following selection of free weapons and parts!


Rare weapons



Battlefield leader: Dictator (Lv46, Slot 3)

A handgun in a class of its own! Unlock with [halloween].









Make it rain: Lead Storm (Lv31, Slot 5)

Fires a solid wall of bullets. Unlock with [trick].









Aim? Who needs to aim? Windham (Lv10, Slot 5)

Great for stopping faster enemies. Unlock with [or].









Rare parts



Autonomous raiding: Ammo Magnet IV

A mysterious part that increases ammo drops. Unlock with [treat].


Crush the weak but help the strong? Green Belt III

Because even minions can be annoying. Unlock with [sweets].




 Have you tried using the Green Belt yet? It's a bit of a two-edged sword as it will obliterate regular enemies, but tougher ones won't seem to take much damage at all. Give it a shot and see if you can put it to good use!


How to unlock:


1. Click on "Enter Present Code" on the side menu
















2. Enter each Present Code


Items unlocked on Resident Evil.Net must be sent to the game in order to use them, so remember to use the Transfer Items button on the side menu after you've entered the codes.


Codes are valid through 2014/11/4 @ 16:00 (JST)


(The codes above are for Resident Evil Revelations.)