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The Super Raid Festival is over, and a new reward has been added to the linked online event!

Tears were shed, blood was spilt, and thanks to the efforts of some of the toughest players around the Super Raid Festival was a resounding success!


The dev team knew they had made their challenge pretty tough, and although their initial projected survival rate was 0%, 12 users managed to make it all the way to the end, which coincidentally also works out at 12%!


As a reward for their incredible skills we’ll be rewarding all of the users who survived an exclusive Natalia icon. This icon has also been added to the reward list for the linked online event “Level-restricted Challenge No.4”


This is your first and ONLY chance to unlock this very special touch-sketched icon, get it while you can!














The unlock requirements are to clear the mission at level 88 or below, which is 100 - 12 – the number of survivors from the event!


>>See the event page for more info


As you should already know there are also some great rewards for the high rankers. Whether you saw the Festival live or in streaming, or even if you couldn’t see it at all, remember to give the event a shot before it ends and experience Revelations 2’s toughest challenge yet!


(You can play this event by accessing the “Event Missions” menu from the red door inside the Vestibule.)

(This post is for Resident Evil Revelations 2.)


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