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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation3 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
24320Name:tonyfresh5502020-05-31 05:28:18
Hello everyone, it's been a while since I've been to PS3 forum
24319Name:pollin2020-05-24 01:55:37
Hello, yes, the last five stages were boring to do, I got very buggy stages, but it all worked out in the end!
you did a good job too
24318Name:Dollfaced00612020-05-24 00:51:57
Incoming next Invasion of Huge Creatures,so prepare yourselves.Will see in 01.06.2020
24317Name:Dollfaced00612020-05-24 00:48:59
Yes,that was a real challenge in the end.Last 5 levels,including RE6 graveyard.Final level is 7-6,hate him so much with a small size places and a lot of fucking Glasps
24316Name:Dollfaced00612020-05-24 00:41:09
Hm,if I know,some from anime film(Resident Evil Damnation),where Leon and Ada searching about Las Plagas,and a President of Slavian Republic Svetlana Belikova,remember that.Fun anime film
24315Name:Matolo2020-05-23 04:44:23
The truth prevailed.For lrc526, the first two places were canceled.Third place (a player with the nickname Pravocator5) - also took the prize,playing with a hacker.The player from Russia,is very bad pumped.Play badly.For 5 minutes and 16 seconds, this mission,playing with it, even a very strong player-can not pass.Again, our "good" hacker tried.It was also necessary to notify Capcom.I believe that his result was left only because his playing time is more than 2200 hours.But once again, it is impossible to achieve such a result with this player,I played with him several times.Even now.This is 100% the work of a hacker-partner.
24314Name:pollin2020-05-22 18:22:05
hi guys
Weekend Survivor 88 [Lv. 100] - Floor Guide
thanks centurion vac again
graveyard at stage 26 ,no respawn
good luck and good game to all
24313Name:Matolo2020-05-20 20:24:39
Dollfaced,Well, maybe you're right.I won't argue with that.I don't play the fourth,fifth,or sixth parts.Once I started playing the fourth part, it was about 11 years ago, I played,saw what Capcom did with the game,and starting with the fourth part of the game - the "Resident Evil" series of games-for me personally died.RAID in Rev.2 I'm drawn to the atmosphere and playability.I haven't seen a statue of Vladimir Lenin in games for a long time, or posters on the walls with the slogans " Rich Island, Beer, Factory", or messages on the radio by Svetlana Belikova in normal Russian without an accent.Thank you for your contribution to this game Mikhail Ignatov, who knows Russian very well.Remember the reception at the entrance to the factory building? ... "welcome to Hell". :) In short, while playing this game....:)))
24312Name:Dollfaced00612020-05-20 12:03:14

Maybe you right,maybe not.Old players leaving,new players coming.But its so dissapointing about enable games on PlayStation Store,nothing new,nothing special.In free time I just play Resident Evil 5,and I not forget about events in RER 2.Long time wasted and cannot be returned.About you,need some patience and guts.
24311Name:Matolo2020-05-20 09:57:04
Dollfaced...I already wrote below on the forum that now in search of an alternative to this game.Everything that can be found from weapons or obtained as a trophy-I found, or received.The game is boring and monotonous in itself,all the events from year to year are cyclically repeated,and somewhere in the third year of active "training" in this game you begin to understand that all this is boring.Here is only alternatives almost there is no on Ps3-console is dead essentially, all games on PS3, where was online game-closed server, into online not available to play...
24309Name:Dollfaced00612020-05-20 06:41:38

Im not surprized about your answer,each player choose,what weapons are best for him.Im only newbie in online events.You are have more experience in online events,I saw that.But anyway each of us must more practice and all will be OK
24308Name:Matolo2020-05-19 22:03:58
Dollfaced0061,I've been playing this game for more than five years...Do you think I don't have level twenty details? ....There are, and in a sufficient number of all available species. :)))
24307Name:Matolo2020-05-19 22:00:34
Dollfaced0061,The Decimator may be the very best shotgun in this game,but not for me.To very end of the muzzle of this shotgun - you need to tie a heavy brick, so that the bullets would not fly into the sky, but into the opponents.Too much recoil if you put the "full burst" part in it.The Tap 192 shotgun with the "steady shot" tag is much better.For me personally.I have three of them already (Decimator's)-lying around in the inventory,since I can't use them because of the recoil
24306Name:Dollfaced00612020-05-19 21:53:02

Maybe you right.Lvl 20 parts you must create yourself.Formula of creating is
Lvl 10X32=Lvl 15X1 and Lvl 15X32=Lvl 20X1.Requesting non-stop playing,months and maybe years.Better save these parts for greater idea
24305Name:Matolo2020-05-19 21:31:23
Sometimes everything goes wrong there...For complex missions,they often give you all sorts of nonsense, and for easy ones-something worth paying attention to...In any case, weapons with this tag were never given, and I never received parts higher than level 16 either...Strange approach to the prizes for the sometimes incredibly complex tasks.
24304Name:Dollfaced00612020-05-19 09:26:20

Yes,its so strange.I thought if harder event,it will better reward.Just a little random chance
24303Name:Dollfaced00612020-05-19 09:17:26

Its fine.Maybe I can be wrong,but anyway tme will show.Will check it out in Friday,when Weekend Survivor starting.So keep fighting for good fight,Tommy Gun is not easily to get,and Godfather of course.Gangsta Stylish)))
24302Name:pollin2020-05-19 08:15:24
yes, you are right, sorry for my mistake, but I had not participated in the previous level 70
24301Name:Matolo2020-05-19 07:50:16
I wonder why in trophies for passing events, they never give a part of the 20th level, or a weapon with the tag "steady shot"?...
24300Name:Dollfaced00612020-05-19 06:42:36
I dunno about this Weekend Survivor,but this incoming will be lvl 100.Because lvl 60 was in the past with Decimator lvl 100,and lvl 70 with Ticket Puncher lvl 100.Anyone want to continue hunting incredible weapons,just GL and HF to all
24299Name:KUGUAR 752020-05-19 01:20:54
Анво, я не гонюсь за рекордными временами, я просто играю в игру да я знал что с этим игроком что то не то у него уровень был высокий. Раз он в игре то это чья вина? Моя что я сыграл с ним и у меня высокий результат?
24298Name:KUGUAR 752020-05-19 01:14:14
Матоло я тебя послал нахрен в личке, послал в общем чате посылаю ещё раз! Ты что извращенец нравится когда посылают?
24297Name:Matolo2020-05-18 23:03:21
By the way, having carefully studied the second place on the task lrc 526 in coop mode (the player has only two weak trophies and 250~ hours of play in the questionnaire) - I can say with confidence that our "good hacker" - "helped" not only this clown (KUGUAR75). :)))
24295Name:anwoh2020-05-18 22:48:00
@all non-cheaters but also for the cheaters too

yes, it is true to cheat or hack one in the game is just cheating yourself. and you can completely forget rankings, I also know that from many other games, for example game ends in 0 sec but what is the point? everyone sees that they have been cheated and shows nothing at all how good or bad you are in a game. well actually it proves that you are really bad
24294Name:Matolo2020-05-18 22:47:57
Don't cry,girl.It's not anyone's fault that you play with hackers on the grounds of chance (didn't you notice that you were playing with a hacker????,how cute:)))), and then,having shat that you were discovered-you cry here, like a young child offended by the harsh virtual life,and sending everyone who strokes you against the wool - on a walking erotic journey...Your excuses are the whining of a young child, which is very amusing.Go already, "erotic walk" yourself, finally.Thats all. :)))
24293Name:KUGUAR 752020-05-18 21:50:37
Стукач мотоло, как я сказал я хрен клал на тебя и на твои доносы в капком, в прочем такой же хрен и на него! Если комне в игре подключится читтер то это не моя вина, и не моя проблема понял козёл? А на счёт результата можно удалять, я разрешаю
24291Name:Matolo2020-05-18 16:08:11
Аnother example of playing with a hacker partner.The last lrc 100 event cannot be completed in three minutes.Neither in solo mode,nor with a normal (not hacker) partner -
24290Name:wingsplitter2020-05-17 04:07:27
Sounds like for each cheater taken out, there's a plenty to take their place. Not to mention that they're probably getting more fun out of seeing how much they can get away with. Oh well....

That's an excellent point.

Thank you both for the input. Bye for now.
24289Name:Matolo2020-05-17 04:05:48
Funny.They don't investigate anything at all.Strange that it was banned.And I'm pretty tired of this game.I am already looking for an alternative,since there is absolutely nothing new in the game for 5 years..
24288Name:pollin2020-05-17 02:09:24
hi matolo
yes, capcom seems to be unable to investigate all cases, we just have to play the game!
24287Name:Matolo2020-05-16 19:59:07
...Those who hack the game-enough on all platforms.But Capcom doesn't care about them.They are there to decide who is the hacker and who's not.They have "their own", "internal criteria"by which they determine whether the hacker is playing or not.This is the answer Capcom will give you if you write to them in support. ;)))
24286Name:pollin2020-05-16 10:49:16
hi, unfortunately these guys think it is worth doing an event with cheats, steam suffers a lot with this every week one appears!
24285Name:wingsplitter2020-05-16 07:39:23
Hi pollin. Speaking of cheaters and hackers, check ASTROUNIVERSEHD.
The idiot actually has raid lv127! I'm going to report them before they hack and ruin Rev2.
24284Name:pollin2020-05-15 12:54:11
hi guys

cheater with a little over 66 hours banned
24282Name:anwoh2020-05-14 18:48:48
nice ranking, my only two answering "friends". maybe there are others out there
24281Name:anwoh2020-05-10 03:03:21
I think we use the same LOL
24280Name:Matolo2020-05-09 23:56:02
I communicate through A Google translator.And translate everything, in all directions.You're welcome
24279Name:anwoh2020-05-09 13:42:21
Thank you both, I thought it was mainly the weapon! But it is also true that more and more critical hits are made at certain points, such as "dogs on the beach better to shoot in eye sockets", at least that is the case with me. Finally, a sentence in my mother tongue, maybe someone will bother to translate it. Nochmals ein grosses Dankeschön an euch beide, weil meine Frage schnell beantworte wurde und dann auch noch sehr hilfreich!
24278Name:pollin2020-05-09 06:56:43


yes, that's basically it
24277Name:Matolo2020-05-09 06:53:28
a burst of 2 electric cartridges,the other-deals the main damage immediately after the shot.This way the maximum damage for any weapon is achieved.If you don't have a friend, you can do it alone, with two there are two joysticks,in split-screen mode,but it is inconvenient,your fingers hurt a lot.If you have the original Dualshock3 or Dualshock4.....
24276Name:Matolo2020-05-09 06:52:17
Not all huge creatures on the beach have weaknesses.Have Pedro this eye on foot, have zombies-this face, have dogs on the beach better to shoot in eye sockets,have Ironheads-the most vulnerable place this Adam's Apple on neck under mask,there is dealt damage more just,but there incredibly difficult fall,so as monster always in movement,also,dark spots on breast,slightly to the right from the mid-breast,and the most protected place,where removes less just-there, where as and have any men-are organs reproduction... :) Critical damage depends not on the weak points of the enemy, but on the weapon tag (tags "steady shot"; "long range+" - add to the critical hit of the weapon 20% probability), and the details "critical hit level 10"-in the end, it turns out 50% probability of a critical hit.Plus there are weapons with unique tags, which also give plus 10% in addition to the critical hit.It is better to go to the beach together-one shoots a burst of 2 electric cartridges,the other-deals the main damage immediately
24275Name:pollin2020-05-09 03:38:08

note that some creatures can be made critical hits on any part of the body, at least here for me
24272Name:anwoh2020-05-09 03:17:18
1 question I still have: do the Hugh Creatures have a weak point / critical hit point? Maybe someone other than Matolo, but obviously he / she is the only one without selfish syndrome
24271Name:Matolo2020-05-07 23:11:22
anwoh,you are welcome.I'm glad for I could help to you in some way.
24270Name:anwoh2020-05-07 10:59:58
@Matolo: THANK YOU for posting this weapon-building-101-guide! This guide is exactly what I was looking for!
24269Name:Matolo2020-05-04 18:42:00
About weapons and skills - here is the link (, study it.This is for the steam version of the game,but the General basics and principles of the game are the same.As for the schedule of online events,unfortunately, I can not help, because I do not follow this-when events appear,I just go through them,do not make a schedule of events,but I can say one thing-all the events in this game are cyclically repeated every year.That is, the same tests, and the same rewards for them
24268Name:anwoh2020-05-04 02:50:37
Hello veterans! could someone post some kind of guide for the various events, pls? rather for weekend survivor or invasion, which weapons or characters / skills make sense
24267Name:Matolo2020-05-02 12:50:54
... About the test "Weekend Survivor No 87" - the last level (30) - 6-6 (Wossek),it is better to have at least one shotgun with full burst and fire ammo,or have the skills "bewilder& electric bottles"+anti-materiel rifle,as the stage to pass without these abilities will be quite difficult.The level of "Graveyard" (8-3) is not present in this test...
24260Name:Shmuck4042020-04-16 03:27:20
If you gonna speak moon language then please do it in your own page message board. Filling the board up with whatever that is look spammy and nobody can join the convo
24250Name:pollin2020-04-15 06:16:42
hi guys
Matolo, I think that all this has to do with the internet itself, you can do everything identical to the videos and still not get the results, the difference between these guys are the types of weapons they obtained over time, it doesn't have to be a nerd, what KUGUAR wants is just good weapons to do the events properly, this is just a game

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