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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation3 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
24375Name:Matolo2020-08-06 02:02:37
Hi Pollin.You welcome.Although...Knowing you,I think you know all this very well...I gave the basic foundation for only one type of rifle.But in fact, you can use other rifles, and Magnum "Pale Rider", if they are well chosen,and equipped with the right parts, you can also achieve good results in this mission.There are a lot of options, actually.I only gave a description of the most effective parts that are installed in the weapon slots. :)))
24374Name:pollin2020-08-05 20:46:57
24373Name:Matolo2020-08-05 17:03:21
Oh, Yes....It is desirable to have four of these rifles at once,and a patient brother or sister,who on the split screen will shoot at the carcass of the monster with electric cartridges,helping you to score huge damage points. :)
24372Name:Matolo2020-08-05 16:51:25
Sledgehammer level 100,slot 6, upgrade 30 times into capacity, equipment parts: 1) long range level 10 2) damage level 20 3) capacity level 20 4) charge shot C level 10 5) critical hit level 10 6) mundane murder level 10 (or optional BSAA part)-perfect weapon on the IHC.More perfect weapon,than it-anti-materiel rifle long range + level 100,6 slots,upgrade capacity 30 times...With the same parts...)))
24371Name:Tamshe20172020-08-05 12:42:02
Congratulations pollin


Within 3 WSs , I have found:-

the mighty steadyshot anaconda x 5 slots

amr x 4 slots

amr x 5 slots

at 8.6 , purple


At this IHC
one person can do 20 million damage
another 900 hr player can do 18 million damage

it will be difficult to beat these 2 guys. It is possible that 1 amr long range plus x 6 slots is being used

24370Name:Matolo2020-08-05 07:39:55
...Oopps...I guess I'm buggy...Though...Maybe it was just my imagination...That here was a guy with the nickname djkazogi09 who helped with the Bloody Gina costume for TonyFresh550...=)))
24366Name:Tamshe20172020-08-04 23:57:21
I saw Kin~Jo did 22 million per session at an IHC

post# 22178 Name:Kin~Jo2018-05-29 00:55:13 I do the BL's all Damage (for punch & due to the F.Shot reloads/boosting etc) on the Rider well as my Mura.

I also give all Cap parts to Support, so I have all but 2 shots of my TOTAL ammo be covered w the 1-2 E.Ammo set up (+ Electrocute/Damage & some Crit parts in Main's guns) & the other 2 have 1 shot of E-coverage (both my SVD's have odd-count clips), which still boosts a bit.

I could put down my setup, if anyone is interested...every single gun used is an Event Reward/entirely possible for anyone to have.

That was a 2 rifle and 2 magnum setup

While I cannot do 20 million or 18 million
I will compete with "DJ" and the other 2 powerhouse
Thanks pollin
24365Name:pollin2020-08-04 23:51:26
but although the level max parts make the weapons stronger, I think this game requires something more
24364Name:pollin2020-08-04 20:35:50
hi guys
hi Tanshe, yes you are right
not only the pieces but also the six-slot antimatter rifles, for example i'm getting around three complete pieces of 20 parts and a 19 both cap and damage i went into after you, remembering that i didn't get any rifle much good until today! and I farmed almost every day until today
24363Name:Tamshe20172020-08-04 09:11:40
I noticed a very suspicious character who is now first at IHC a long time ago with possible hacked save.

While i can still possibly finish third due to the nonparticipation of better players (giving me a bligh), I will decline.

There are too many players with hacked saves now and some active ones who play with them have no integrity.

I have already accepted that it is best to forget this character (unfortunately my buddies showed me the way a long time ago, I did give him a chance to redeem. He goes to the toilet too often and is forgetful. He said he lost his game save around Jan 2018)

Anybody who has maximium level parts after I joined in Nov 2017, that is 4 capacity and 4 damage MUST be using a modded save. I took part in all events with high level parts and I am short of 3 pairs

Older guys have maximum parts
24361Name:Dollfaced00612020-08-01 01:27:06
So.Next Victim was chosen in this event.Prepare your guns and hit him hard and painfull to his death.GF and HF to finish this fat bastard)
24360Name:pollin2020-07-28 03:04:10
hi guys
hello again, also hope
24359Name:Dollfaced00612020-07-26 01:52:09
Konichiva again to all,how are you feeling?Here we go again,August incoming,too hot on the streets.
Matolo,Pollin,dont be sad.Il be waiting for a winter and a cold,and a madness will continue.See ya again later!
24358Name:pollin2020-07-24 16:12:44
hi guys
Weekend Survivor No. 91 (lv100)
floor guide
10=8-3 graveyard
good luck and good game to all!
24357Name:Matolo2020-07-24 15:09:20
Hi Pollin.Well...Now there are more than 9,000 game hours in his profile.Even I completely abandoned this game.I pass only that for which the most interesting trophies are given,and only-exactly once.The game is no longer interesting to me, I play games of the normal RPG genre, in which there are no nerds and windmills-who will win hundredths of a second from whom, in order to take a place in the top ten.This is madness, nerd and paranoia in its purest form,I don't even care about the bonus points for logging into my account,which give you twice as much if you are log in every day.For me,"Universe of the MadHouse of REV2"-is enough,there is no desire to play it anymore.I'm just waste time to play in this game-my life is very shortly for always play to this game.Good luck.:)
24356Name:pollin2020-07-24 13:27:57
hi guys
hello, yes you are right
I think when I saw him some time ago it was like 80 hours or less, I'm not sure
24355Name:Matolo2020-07-23 18:14:11
Hi Pollin.I wouldn't say he's new...His playing time is as much as 9999.59 hours.He may well receive prizes for online tasks...Given the fact that the "history" mode is passed 100%, I would not risk passing this nonsense created by Capcom, and proudly named "Store Mode", once again.I have a simple campaign mode on esay mode, on the bad and good endings-enough for the eyes, firmly and forever ingrained in my brain, and cause a steady gag reflex-how not to make games, starting from graphics and animation, and ending with management in Store and Raid mode.
24353Name:KUGUAR 752020-07-13 01:18:36
Нечего себе результаты
24352Name:pollin2020-07-08 08:32:56
hello, your time is very low for who just starting out.
I advise you to start a game save from zero, if you want to receive the event prizes!
24351Name:mikusaki2020-07-08 06:18:28
and... in the events, don't show my highscore. why this happen..?
24350Name:mikusaki2020-07-08 06:13:19
how is the process to receive the prizes after the huge creatures event?
24349Name:pollin2020-07-08 03:37:06
yes I had some problems related to the network, something routine here, but I hope to be all right for the next few weeks!
good job at ws and restricted by all of you!
thank you :)
24347Name:pollin2020-07-08 03:03:00
only one!
24346Name:Dollfaced00612020-07-08 01:23:40
Will be waiting for next Weekend Survivor,Level Restriction 100,prepare yourselves.Arigato for understanding
24345Name:Dollfaced00612020-07-08 01:20:32
Matolo and pollin,dears
You was out too long,something happened?I hope,youll be fine. P.S.Spasiba,tovarichi,spasiba
24344Name:Dollfaced00612020-07-08 01:17:46
No.After your finishing shot if enemy dies,you will get a special reward.For me its not important.
24343Name:mikusaki2020-07-07 23:48:33
hello. to have bloodied gina i need both huge creatures or just one is enough?
24342Name:pollin2020-07-07 02:19:31
hi guys
I believe there will be someone who can help you if not in this one in the next ws, if by then I can help I will post here, my connection is very bad lately
24341Name:jasonchungnastu2020-07-06 11:56:25
If have,please tell me as well
24340Name:jasonchungnastu2020-07-06 11:55:00
Have any Pro will help me finish the weekend survives and level re......?
24339Name:pollin2020-07-06 10:49:14
hi guys
hello, yes this is normal, until both are dead, you will receive your prize
24338Name:PietroGalactico2020-07-06 09:20:07
Hello, in the event about huge creatures, i killed the Plague, but the event still online. What happened? (srry for my bad english)
24337Name:Matolo2020-07-05 12:51:52
Dollfaced,There's no point in checking them.All players with levels 125,127, or 255 - are cheats.The maximum level in a RAID is 100.Also pay attention to the fact that players with the avatar of the game Rev. 2-also,have been modified save on the computer - avatar of the game Rev.2-can be set only when modifying the save game via computer,there are players with level 100,which have the Bazooka equipped as a normal weapon,firing bursts of grenades+have infinite ammo for all weapons,I'm not talking about what the weapons they have-also,modified(characteristics of fire,damage and recoil of weapons, hacked on the computer),it is everyone has known for a long time.There's nothing to check.
24336Name:Dollfaced00612020-06-25 20:42:04
Good day to all.Check a player with nickname Eldweis,on the past week I watched him,his raid lvl was 127.Going to report about this
24335Name:Dollfaced00612020-06-20 02:32:49
Yes,it was completed.Also I hate level (4-3),was 28,with Glasps and Disarmers,really shit.But Im glad it was over.Will see in the next IHC and Weekend Survivor of course.Next with level restriction 70
24334Name:pollin2020-06-17 06:31:52
Hi Dollfaced
yes two of the missions that i hate the most, however it was better than i expected i had a lot of problems in the coop, but overall it was cool, you guys were very well,good luck for IHC!
24333Name:Dollfaced00612020-06-17 01:40:37
Very well worked,guys.Final levels in completed Weekend Survivor was 29(1-6) and 30(3-2).And 21(8-3)protecting and challenging.Will waiting for next Weekend Survivor and Invasion of course,prepared some special for meeting)
24332Name:pollin2020-06-16 10:48:28
hi Matolo
thanks :)
24331Name:Matolo2020-06-15 00:01:48
Hi Pollin.You too.Be carefull. ;)))
24330Name:pollin2020-06-12 23:57:25
hi guys
Weekend Survivor 89 [Lv. 60] - Floor Guide
graveyard at on 21 floor
thanks centurion again
good luck and good game to all!
24329Name:Dollfaced00612020-06-05 00:00:45
Good day to all.Konichiva again,next Weekend Survivor will be hardest,because level restriction is 60,so prepare yourselves. P.S. Konichiva-Japanese (Hi).So GL and HF to find a partners!
24328Name:Matolo2020-06-04 16:35:17
All questions related to Capcom must be submitted via the form in support of this site.Capcom does not read or moderate this forum,it is created only for users, Capcom is completely "purple" to your questions here.
24327Name:Matolo2020-06-04 16:30:47
...I forgot to tell you-the "Weekend Survivor" and "Invasion Huge Creatures" missions are available only once a day,at 15.00 local time.if you failed the mission, you will not be able to complete it again on this day.You need to give up if something doesn't work out,and start the mission again.The exception is the day when these missions start,they can be completed at 9.00, and at 15.00 local time.
24326Name:Matolo2020-06-04 14:22:29
Todo el Maligno,You need to have all four episodes of the game, get all 5 medallions for all raid missions, otherwise only a mission with a level 40 lrc will be available from online events...Everything else is server bugs and glitches.
24325Name:crevladal2020-06-04 09:14:07

j ai une session tous les 2 jours pour l evenement des tians , qui d autre a ce probleme?
24324Name:pollin2020-06-03 12:42:49
Todo El
this happened to a player some time ago that didn't have all the episodes of the game, maybe there is something wrong with the information that the event says
24323Name:Todo El Maligno2020-06-03 09:05:19
Hi guys.

The actual gigant event says "EP1 Mandatory" but I can't play. Any idea?
24322Name:pollin2020-06-02 11:08:15
hi guys
tonyfresh is always welcome in the ps3 community!
nothing changed my friend
24321Name:Matolo2020-06-02 06:06:02
TonyFresh550,Hello,My dear FRIEND.I'm looking to you everywhere,and so worred! I miss to you so much.SO MUCH!!! =)))
24320Name:tonyfresh5502020-05-31 05:28:18
Hello everyone, it's been a while since I've been to PS3 forum

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