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Name:Forum Administrator2015-03-31 15:00:00
PlayStation4 "Resident Evil Revelations 2" online event thread
4435Name:Lucio2020-05-24 07:37:42
Yeah,hope to be lucky next month.......
4434Name:tonyfresh5502020-05-23 05:13:56
I added you
4433Name:tonyfresh5502020-05-21 06:48:49
4432Name:Lucio2020-05-21 06:48:08
Okay my nigga i'll add yo tomorrow morning ;)
4431Name:tonyfresh5502020-05-20 07:48:13

Add me
4430Name:tonyfresh5502020-05-20 07:47:46
4429Name:Lucio2020-05-14 23:38:43
Paperino_15,and yours?
4428Name:tonyfresh5502020-05-14 05:40:08

What's your PSN?
4427Name:Lucio2020-05-11 16:32:58
No, nothing to do; last night I was with a friend of mine from Germany and when the creature had reached 0% it did not explode, the server delay in Europe has a very high margin, in the next event I must be in an American lobby or Japanese otherwise I will never be able to witness the death of the boss ...
4426Name:Lucio2020-05-08 19:10:50
Remember Blood:This Sunday we have to be in your lobby though....
4425Name:BlackSSRoseGod2020-05-07 14:39:23
Anyone else playing Revelations 1 as well, PS4? I really need some help getting my feet off the ground.
Please send friends requests (PSN same as here) or site buddy requests so we can play!
4424Name:Lucio2020-05-06 08:25:07
Okay thanks Tony yeyo!
4423Name:Dark9-Dragon-Red [Roma - Italia]2020-05-05 08:36:36
feel the pain cheaters loser ... God forgives but does not forget!!!
4422Name:Soulless_Persona2020-05-04 02:12:56
That is fine yea
4421Name:tonyfresh5502020-05-03 07:12:58

Ok great. Hope Sunday works 4 u:)
4420Name:tonyfresh5502020-05-03 07:12:01
@lucio I'll help you.
4419Name:Lucio2020-05-02 20:35:12
Yes indeed,i'm gonna need help Homie,but i need to be in your lobby to do that,hope to be lucky with BG this month :(
4418Name:Soulless_Persona2020-05-02 08:24:03

Yea, I am fine with playing some coop ws
4417Name:PlayGames-4Ever2020-05-01 12:44:14
Anyway when the event starts I'll open a public room so anyone can join lol , see you there,
4416Name:PlayGames-4Ever2020-05-01 12:33:35
Hi everyone,✌️ weekend survivor starts soon if someone in here need help with ws/lrc just let me know on my message board
4415Name:tonyfresh5502020-04-30 08:56:06

We definitely should play!
4413Name:Soulless_Persona2020-04-25 13:03:02
I should be able to help a bit next week for the next ws as long as there isnt a LRC that Shiny and I wanna try
4412Name:Lucio2020-04-24 22:09:59
I still cannot transfer my data,i really don't understand this...:(
4411Name:tonyfresh5502020-04-23 12:10:58
I can help you guys as well. Just in case Soulless is not available to play. I haven't been on this forum too much lately. But I will be checking it more often now. But yeah I can help level up, look for weapons, LRC , Weekend Survivor,etc. Just let me know your PSN.
4410Name:BlackSSRoseGod2020-04-22 00:27:08
Wow. 3 level 5 parts. Guess I'm staying on Revelations 1 for a while.
4409Name:iLosTpera2020-04-18 06:05:03
Hello Everyone!
Hope everyone is having a good day! :D
4408Name:BlackSSRoseGod2020-04-13 01:02:55
Are you decently competent? We can give it a shot together. My PSN is the same as my RE account.
4407Name:Darkness812020-04-12 02:18:49
Is someone so nice and can help me at Weekend Survivar? Would be great ✌
4406Name:Soulless_Persona2020-04-11 21:48:45
Yea, I can lol
4403Name:u1s1aa2020-04-08 00:57:54
somobody hlep to level up Alex
4402Name:BlackSSRoseGod2020-04-07 09:43:29
Someone please shoot me a message on PS4 when RE NET is fixed so I can put some holes in this ho? I'm trying to get the coffin nail and have 5.45 million to go.
4401Name:BlackSSRoseGod2020-04-07 04:29:22
8:30 est
(sorry if this counts as spam)
4400Name:BlackSSRoseGod2020-04-07 04:28:49
All I know is, if the enemy isn't dead by 8:30 tonight I'm gonna go ham and see if I can't get the coffin nail.
4399Name:BlackSSRoseGod2020-04-07 04:27:35
Happened to me last night, thankfully I'd already gotten my events in for that day
4398Name:Milki-Hazard2020-04-07 03:55:09
seem to happen to everyone :|
4397Name:zeninlove2020-04-06 23:56:31
Hello, I got message of re-net link failed in the menu of revelation2 from today, anyone got same issue?
4396Name:Rawhide2020-04-02 20:14:41
Anyone know what the reward is for logging on to for 1 year?
4395Name:tonyfresh5502020-04-01 08:40:06
Damage 15 will be a prize for April's IHC #61 event. Don't miss it.
4392Name:Liquid910912020-03-26 09:02:34
Can we plz get a resident evil 0 & 1 unlock everything in the psn store we got it for dmc series and for biohazard 7 plz plz plz
4391Name:BlackSSRoseGod2020-03-24 12:56:39
Ughhh, again with these stupid rewards! Hey RE NET, no one cares about Follow-up Strike, Scatter, or Executioner, especially when they're at levels you can get from RWM! Give us some high-level Capacity and Damage upgrades please!! And high-level Fire Ammo would be great too!
4390Name:Peteriks2020-03-23 02:17:10
Logging from ps4 web browser result with same account link failure. Send ticted to capcom 2 days ago but still no response
4389Name:tonyfresh5502020-03-22 00:26:39
You can only play WS once a day. Unless you use USB save. Then you can play it all day if you want. LOL
4388Name:Gapson2020-03-21 16:03:15
@djwiccan23 What is your ID in game? Or search me: Kristova_Noha
4387Name:djwiccan232020-03-21 09:31:34
It won’t let me play weekend survivor. I am
Level 100. And I am not happy because my weapons are at rank 95 and it’s not going
Any higher like thay are meant to.
4386Name:tonyfresh5502020-03-21 09:27:14

Try logging in to from the PS4 web browser.
4385Name:Peteriks2020-03-19 23:01:51
Hey, i'm trying to link my ps4 with resident but keep getting eroor ''Failed to send account link information. Please try again.'' Anyone know what i can do with that ?
4384Name:Milki-Hazard2020-03-16 00:20:58
.. and so the scores I got for mercenaries event on ps3 didn't upload in 2 days.. waste of effort. ;-; I got a good score too -______-
4383Name:tonyfresh5502020-03-13 19:19:18

I added you
4382Name:BlackSSRoseGod2020-03-10 15:07:04
Would you not? Some of us are honest players in here. Some of us despise that man. You've been a consistent jerk on this site and I highly doubt anyone appreciates that.
4381Name:Lucio2020-03-08 19:49:47
Ok Tony add me so next Month I'll hope to be more lucky

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