Growing up with Resident Evil

My fondest memories as a child are linked to gaming. I was 9 when I played Resident Evil 2. I was at a gaming center playing Tomb Raider III at that wonderful gaming center shortly before buying my PlayStation

I happened to sit next to someone playing RE2 and I asked the owner “what’s that game” he said “That’s a scary one, it’s called Resident Evil 2” and I was like “I wanna play! I don’t get scared” and I did play it and since that day and I’ve got every RE game.

Today I’m 24, and my love for gaming has only grown bigger. Not only have I been entertained by video games, but also learned a lot about life, history, conspiracies, science, language and morals and I’ve bonded so well with people like Chris, Jill, Claire and Leon. They’re closer friends to me than people from this world because I found more nobility in them than anyone else in the world.

Resident Evil has been one of the early motives for me to join the gaming world.

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