Pull yourself together newbie!

Chris' scenario in Resident Evil 6 starts off (chronologically speaking) with the loss of multiple BSAA members.

Chris attempts to encourage his remaining men, although one of them, a young recruit called Finn, appears to be overwhelmed by the pressure and sobs uncontrollably, although Piers finally turns him around.
Being a greenhorn, he might not seem all that dependable, but with a few words from his captain and comrades he's able to recompose himself.

Go help Finn out yourself by playing though the Chris/Piers campaign!

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  • Finn was a good guy. Too bad I couldn't provide better cover for him while he was working on blowing up the anti-aircraft guns! Trying to hold off a small army of Javo AND an Ogroman while he affixes his explosives is a tall order.
  • Nitephall Sep 18 2016
  • That little Chris fanboy, but I can't blame him, SuperChris is admirable!!!
  • Adngel Dec 27 2015