Captain Redfield

During Chris' campaign in Resident Evil 6 there's a point where Alpha Team crosses a bridge in order to reach the besieged town hall. After taking out an enemy tank during the frenetic battle, Piers receives a radio message ordering him to regroup with "Captain Redfield"...

Hang on a minute, Redfield? Not "Captain Chris"?

It makes perfect sense when you think about it, most people might call him Chris but among his own men it's only normal that they'd refer to him respectfully as "Captain Redfield".

I still have some kind of déjà vu however...(to be continued).

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  • Between Chris and his sister, are taking the Redfield name into new standards. Be careful terrorists, if a Redfield cross in your way, your evil plans will be doomed to failure!.
  • Adngel Dec 27 2015