Worst AI ever . . .

In RE 5, most people probably play as Chris. But if you ever play as Sheva in single-player, you'll realize how horrible Chris' AI is. Chris' goal is to obstruct Sheva's view when aiming as often as possible, and this is the case whether you have him set to Cover or Attack. He'll run to Sheva and stand right in front of her while she is trying to fire at an enemy. Chris takes up much more screen space than Sheva does, and having him as an AI partner adds a whole new level of difficulty and frustration to the game. It's too bad Capcom didn't polish his AI a bit when the game was released for the Xbox One. Turning the Attack Reaction setting off will allow you to shoot through Chris, which you will have to do often.

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  • I may have been a little too hard on Chris. Although he loves to block Sheva's view, he has proven his worth in combat many times. It seems the more you play the game, the better the AI partner gets at fighting enemies. Sometimes I don't even have to do anything----Chris kills all the enemies for me!
  • Nitephall Oct 10 2016