The True Dr. Salvador

Have you ever wondered what Dr. Salvador's life was like before his infection with Las Plagas? Why Dr. Salvador? The theories say that Dr. Salvador was indeed the doctor of the village of El Pueblo, with the arrival of Las Plagas infections, the inhabitants of the place began to look for him tirelessly in the search of the cure of the effects caused to the village. Dr. Salvador was considered a great physician and healed most of the diseases that arose in the village, with his disappointment at not being able to cure the effects of Las Plagas, the doctor began to have outbreaks of madness, until total insanity. He went so far as to put a sack of flour on his head to hide his shame and began not to attend as a doctor. His contact with Las Plagas is unknown, but after this event his madness and infection made him extremely aggressive and hostile. Dr. Salvador became once and for all the madman of the chainsaw.

- Information: Archive Merlym's Memo.

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  • If he was in the later Mercenaries. He would be dead in less then a second
  • HCF Midnight May 22 2018