RE3 & RE code Veronica X need the RE2 treatment.!!

RE2 is without a doubt my Game of 2019! It brought back all the qualities that made me fall in love with RE to begin with and I have played it and beaten it like 20 times on all modes. Please consider doing the same for RE3 & RE CVX. We fans would LOVE IT!!!

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  • I'm on board with that. It would seem the development cycle of Biohazard 2 Remake and the current Remake in the making already Biohazard 3 and now after that it would seem only rational to recreate Code:Veronica X 's wonderful concepts.
  • DevilMayKry1159 Feb 09 2020
  • As long as they don’t include those stupid annoying moths in the Code Veronica remake.
  • Trained_Pro Jan 18 2020
  • Absolutely true.
  • Arcaze Dec 24 2019
  • Absolutely this ^^ I'd love that
  • EpiChriS Nov 09 2019
  • This comment contains spoilers and has been hidden
  • HCF Midnight Sep 10 2019