Concept Teaser (Hint 1)

There's still plenty left to find in the Revelations 2 teaser. This one's actually pretty obvious once you realize it, you'll be kicking yourself!

> Resident Evil Revelations 2 Concept Teaser

Right at the very start of the video you pass through something...

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  • Umbrella logo! I knew it!!
  • lesik Jan 07 2015
  • door,Alice,
    55 gal.Barrow to explode
    Queen Zenobia picture
    Green Herb
    Surveillance Cameras
    Rachel Foley
    Terra Save Shirt
    Barry Burton and Moira Burton
    Jill Sand witch
    Item Box or Weapon Box from RE:R
    Itchy Tasty
    International clocks
    Virus Theme
    Club Wielding Zombie
    Claire Redfield and Moira is slowed .wrest band from bio-hazard
  • D Nov 26 2014
  • The music playing is a slightly slower version of the revelations one main menu music
  • USS.ANT Sep 20 2014
  • Capcom, you killed me with Jill's sandwiches. That needs to happen. Also the 'umbrella' was a nice touch.
  • BomberJ16 Sep 19 2014
  • ship door opening
    ss queen zenobia
    moira burton
    terrasave shirt
    green herb
    jill napkins
    girl runs past wall clocks you hear ticking in the background maybe for the clock puzzle
    item box
    woman holding itchy tasy sign
    Barry Burton
    moira burton again and claire redfield
  • Divian Sep 19 2014