Fisher is captured

Chris and Sheva somehow manage to shake off the Majini and make it to the marketplace.

They arrive only to find that the Majini have captured what looks like another foreigner, in fact it turns out it's none other than Fisher, the undercover agent they had met only moments earlier!

The pair desperately want to do something to save him, but after having only just escaped with their own lives they realize the situation is hopeless.

This is pretty crazy idea, but something like a "Fisher mode" sounds like it might be fun, something like a race against the clock to get to fisher before the Majini tear you apart.

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  • Fisher pretty much didn't stand a chance all chris and sheva had were handguns and knife's.
  • Vizeal Jan 31 2017
  • Chris and Sheva get attacked by the Majini anyway, so they may as well have at least tried to save Fisher, instead of just standing there and watching him be decapitated. He wasn't a very friendly fellow, but he didn't deserve what he got.
  • Nitephall Jan 17 2017
  • It would be nice if the game let you shoot the Majini, to distract them and try to save Fisher, kinda like some scenes (hidden player choices) from "Spec Ops: The Line".
    Even if you didn't gain anything from this and wouldn't alter the main story, it would be a nice touch for this scene.
  • andreiagmu Aug 06 2016