Saving Man's Best Friend

Right after the start of Resident Evil 4, Leon manages to defend himself against a group of villagers, and presses on to his target.

He soon comes across a dog that's been caught in a bear trap. While you can choose to ignore it if you want to, obviously you're going to want to save it right?

Once free you might expect it to show a little appreciation, but it dashes off without a second thought.
I mean I wasn't expecting it to stop and turn round or anything, but a couple of words (barks?) would have been nice...

Oh well, let's get on with it. I'm not sad, nope not at all.

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  • Of course we all know that the dog does show its appreciation later on in the game. I always thought it was a little strange that Capcom decided to put the dog in the game. A nod to Amaterasu from Okami perhaps? Or maybe Hewie from Haunting Ground?
  • Nitephall Sep 18 2016