An unnecessary tragedy

Leon makes it to the village square just after the start of Resident Evil 4.

He finds the body of one of the officers who accompanied him tied to a burning stake, looks like they were able to drag him all the way here before Leon arrived (I mean I don't condone it but it's impressive nonetheless!).

Back when they dropped Leon off the cops made some excuse about wanting to avoid getting a "parking ticket"...if only they'd gone with Leon they might have survived.

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  • yeah this is so tragic and i think those security cops are somewhat explore by themselves without noticing them in the scene or they are likely caught by the villagers and killed them by what they can do to them
  • nemesisvin Sep 28 2016
  • I don't think they would have made it even with Leon. They're not the survival type.
  • Nitephall Sep 26 2016