Cindy, the herbalist

Our next Resident Evil Outbreak article covers Cindy, a waitress.

Cindy works at J's bar, and has thing for growing herbs, which is incredibly convenient considering how the zombie apocalypse is just about to start.

Cindy's unique in-game item is the Herb Case, which allows her to carry a number of herbs in addition to her usual item slots, which makes her an ideal support character for patching up the team.

As for combat it's best to leave that to the others, they'll all want to show off for her anyway.

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  • She's one of my favourites in the game and from among all the female characters of the series for her abilities and personality in the game :)
  • dxm8975 Feb 01 2017
  • Gotta love Cindy's bunny suit.
  • Nitephall Jan 06 2017