Stay Away

What would you do if you received an email from a loved one gone missing? That's just what happens to Ethan Winters, the protagonist of RE7, when he gets an email from his missing wife three years after her disappearance.

In order to find Mia, Ethan drives all the way to the tranquil splendor of the Louisiana bayou.

"Stay away"...
Though Ethan never received Mia's fearful warning not to come after her, we the players know something's not right. We'll just have to ask Mia about it in person!

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  • Well the point of any RE game isn't to have anything to do with previous game. They just share connections in several releases (e.x. RE6 Where Sherry finally meets Chris)
  • Total_Friend Jul 01 2017
  • No it doesn't there's no newspaper that talks about the zombie outbreak in China or the tall oaks bombing and the fact that Chris is with the BSAA not umbrella and he's
    hated umbrella since the first game

  • HCF Midnight May 01 2017
  • finish the game dude. the connection to the series is made very clear.

  • devilclone Apr 21 2017
  • This is one of the best Resident Evil games. At last! want to know more about Chris now...
  • FeDe Apr 11 2017