The Horror Begins

The Baker family have plunged Resident Evil 7 players around the world into a terrifying nightmare. Still, things weren't always that way in the Baker home; until one fateful night, they were your average family living peacefully in the countryside...

Check out "Daughters" in "Banned Footage Vol. 2" to see the downfall of the Bakers. Although truth be told, there was always something not quite right about Lucas...

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  • RE2 Remake is the perfect example of where the series needs to continue to go by. 3rd person, non-tank controls, zombies instead of running humanoids, scary horror story, and longtime series characters as protagonists & etc. RE2 Remake was brilliant, keep it up Capcom!!
  • Jim Bob Jan 13 2020
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  • xXN0t4urEArZxXx Nov 22 2019
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  • Maison Wesker Oct 17 2019
  • Please make resident evil 3rd person as it should be... have all the RE games excpt for RE 7 due to first person...
  • Vesper NIght Oct 12 2019
  • Please make RE8 more modern. We want horror but also online modes like mercenaries and Versus / survivors
  • M a r t i n M i l k Aug 21 2019