Jill's Skills

Jill is very skilled with her hands, as can be seen by her use of the lock pick to open simple locks. She's also a great piano player, and has no trouble playing the opening bars of the Moonlight Sonata to solve the puzzle in the piano bar.

Chris on the other hand, well...

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  • Jill is quite serious about what is going on in raccon city and she wanted to end the reign of umbrella corp however many people are still believing that they can be saved of a false hope that they are saying to them. darn it makes me go say they are controlling the u.s goverment
  • nemesisvin Sep 28 2016
  • Ok but what's the deal with Jill's role in STARS being labeled as "rear security"? In none of the games does she do anything that makes me think "oh yeah, that's a rear security job." What exactly does rear security mean, that she takes the 6 when scanning for danger? Doesn't it also say somewhere that she's good with explosives? Was she the one who blew the Tricell oil plant up? That doesn't count though, because she was under the influence of the P-90 drug. I'd say her main skill is looking way hot. I would also call her an "anti-Tyrant Specialist."
  • Nitephall Dec 05 2014
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  • NeGo x MaTriX Dec 03 2014
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  • colther Dec 03 2014