[Raid Mode 10] Combining parts

Parts first made their appearance in the first Resident Evil Revelations, but you'll notice some big changes this time round in how they work.

Much like the weapons, parts also have levels, and logically the higher the level the more powerful the part.

That's not all of course; if you unlock the parts bench in the Vestibule you can combine lower level parts to make higher level ones, e.g. combining two Damage Lv 1 parts will result in a Damage Lv 2.
This is great way to recycle low level parts that you no longer need.

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  • Yes, 2 damage lv. 1's will give me a damage lv. 2, but why do 4 damage lv. 1's only give me a damage lv. 3?
  • Nitephall Oct 10 2015