I don't do guns

Barry Burton's daughter Moira is spirited away to the same island as Claire in Resident Evil Revelations 2.

While you'd think that anyone would appreciate having a gun given how absurd their situation is, Moira flat out refuses saying "I don't do guns.". There's almost certainly a story behind her attitude...
All Moira can use is a flashlight and a crowbar, although it turns out she's actually very good with either and provides solid backup to Claire. You can find out more about her unique personality in the game itself.

I'd still pick a gun over that crowbar any day...

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  • No worries--Moira finally uses a gun to save Claire's life. She uses them in her mini story "The Struggle" too. I love llistening to her and Evgeni's banter. Both voice actors did a great job, as did all the other actors in the game.
  • Nitephall Sep 07 2016
  • She does have a mean swing with that crowbar
  • s3v3nthsign Dec 04 2015