The Survivors of Kijuju

Claire and the other Terra Save members are led to the village of Wossek by the woman communicating through their bracelets. As they're being chased by a group of Afflicted someone quips that it's still better than Kijuju…ring any bells? That must mean that they were in Kijuju around the time of Resident Evil 5.

Terra Save really were all over the place.

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  • Oh, and the Wossek isn't a village. It's a bar in the town. Silly people.
  • Nitephall Sep 06 2016
  • True, but why oh why did you have to put that ridiculous add for Terra Save in the game? It is so cheesy and phony, and makes people expect that maybe Terra Save is the bad guys.
  • Nitephall Oct 10 2015