Piers Nivans


Piers Nivans is the top marksman of the North American Branch of the BSAA. Trusted to a fault by his captain Chris, Piers represents the best of the next generation of BSAA personnel.
He never boasts about himself at all, and even goes as far as rebuking his own Captain when the pair are pursuing Ada. Piers' honorable conduct is too much for Chris himself, who's only resort is to say "Shut up".

It was Piers that brought Chris back form the brink of self-destruction right at the game's outset, and it would have been impossible for Chris to survive without his support over the events of Resident Evil 6.

After everything has unfolded, you can see Chris eating the same steak that Piers had right at the start. I can only imagine what might have been going through Chris' head...

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  • Isn't Piers the top Sniper in the BSAA? I'm not sure top marksman and and sniper are the same, since his Bio says top sniper, not marksman. Chris didn't tell Piers to shut up because Piers is so honorable, since we can see Piers disrespecting Chris in Edonia when Chris has to stop Piers from going after Jake, and Piers is shown throwing Chris' arm down. Not a very honorable thing for Piers to do to his captain. Chris didn't like that Piers was telling him the truth. I don't think it has anything to do with Piers' honorable conduct. Though I agree with everything else.
  • Hare-003 Sep 10 2016
  • I wouldn't exactly call Piers' getting in his captain's face "honorable." Chris had very good reason to want "Ada" dead. His anger and determination to catch her are completely understandable. I don't really see where Piers is coming from when he tells Chris that he is "blinded by vengeance." "Ada" killed all his men, men for whose lives Chris is responsible.
  • Nitephall Sep 05 2016
  • He's perfect! I agree! Piers is very loyal to his captain, and one of the best BSAA agent! Hope we haven't seen the last of Piers Nivans, I really appreciate this article!
  • Mizama93 Apr 18 2015