The Merchant

Resident Evil 4 has a number of memorable characters such as Leon, Luis, and Salazar, but perhaps the most unforgettable cast member is the mysterious Merchant.
I'm sure we've all enjoyed selling stuff to him just to hear his banter, not to mention buying larger Attaché Cases to be able to hold even more stuff to sell to him...

I remember shooting all of the blue medals to unlock the Punisher, but I always wondered how the heck he got them up there in the first place.

He even manages to set up stores inside Salazar's castle! Nothing seems to be able to stop him.
I can't be the only one who was a little anxious seeing him for the first time, good thing he was only hiding weapons under that overcoat...

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  • "It is dangerous to go alone, so take this!"
  • Seasky Jul 05 2018
  • any idea who this "person" is? im sure all us fans would love another addition to the resident evil archives books, a volume three. to catch up with all the newer games, more details, etc. i still have my first two volumes. the real legit copies.
  • refan122 Oct 13 2016
  • I would love the writers to reveal just who the Merchant is and what his TRUE background and involvement is, in the realm of RE lore. Maybe a series of genetic clones of one of the masterminds that just aids in the testing of the test subjects? Maybe an escaped experiment that seeks revenge against the cult and the BOW corporations? Maybe an arms dealer that was betrayed and infected by the cult?

    Just WHO is, the Merchant?
  • S.T.A.R.S. Veteran Sep 06 2016
  • Yeah he freaked me out the first time I saw him. His eyes glow red, so that tells you he's a ganado. Turns out he's your best friend!
  • Nitephall Oct 18 2015