Pumpin' Iron

"Who is this guy? That's not the Chris I remember!"
I'm sure a lot of RE fans can remember thinking something along those lines when they first saw Resident Evil 5.

Chris has always been pretty beefy over the course of his many adventures in the series, but his appearance in Resident Evil 5 was so drastically different that most people had an instant reaction.
There's a reason behind this change too of course when you think about it: his face off with Wesker at the Spencer estate made it clear to him that he needed to be stronger. It was Chris' infamous dedication to anything he sets his mind on that led him to put on 20Kg, he wasn't part of the Original Eleven for nothing!

I train as well so I'd really like to know what his regime was. Then again I'd probably chicken out on the first day, lifting is no joke...

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  • Inb4 SS and GOMAD. Definitely a calorie surplus. Maybe a push, pull, legs routine with heavy compounds plus cardio and a touch of isolations. Good genes, so he's probably natty.
  • Cibernetico_II Nov 15 2015