Mike, a man with a mission

Mike might not be the most well known of characters, although I'm sure some of you will remember him as the chopper pilot who came to rescue Leon in Resident Evil 4.

Just to recap in case you've forgotten, Mike (just Mike, no last name apparently…) appears out of nowhere towards the end of the game to save the day just as Leon is being surrounded by enemies.

Sadly Mike and Leon aren't able to knock back a few as promised, I guess piloting a chopper in Resident Evil is risky business...

He might have only appeared for a few minutes, but Mike left an unexpected impression, at least for me, I've even adopted his "Sorry, bad traffic" one liner as a catch-all excuse!

Thanks Mike.

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  • I felt bad about Mike, but I felt even worse for Doug in RE 5. He was funny and even though he played at being kind of a dork, he was a top-notch soldier who gave his life for Josh and Jill.
  • Nitephall Oct 10 2016