Jill's controller

In order to save Jill from Wesker's mind control in Resident Evil 5, the control unit embedded in Jill's chest needs to be removed.

Chris being Chris, what does he do? Rips it out of course!

I mean I guess it's understandable, but he might have been a little more delicate maybe? It's pretty easy to follow Chris' thought pattern though: "What the heck's that thing, it wasn't on her before. This has to be why Jill's acting up, oh hey it looks like it comes off, let's see! **RRRRIP**". Gotta love Chris! At least Jill doesn't seem badly hurt.

After regaining her consciousness, Jill teams up with Josh and together they break out of the Tricell complex. If you want to know more then you'll need to play through "Desperate Escape"!

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