Reloading with Style (Red 9)

A huge number of weapons appear throughout the Resident Evil series, what's your favorite?

I think each and every one has its own character, but the Red 9 from Resident Evil 4 is pretty high up on my list. It already starts off with slightly more power over the regular handgun, but once it's improved it turns into an absolute beast (don't forget to buy the stock!).

It also has an awesome reload animation, sometimes I even fire off single shots just so I can reload it over and over...

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  • I like the Red9. It's a good gun, but I always thought it sounded a little funny when it fires. Kind of hollow and metallic.
  • Nitephall Oct 30 2016
  • True indeed. I thought i was the only one who have noticed how cool was the reload with the marvelous red9
  • mpinogar Jun 16 2015