It's a Small World

During Resident Evil 6, Leon and Helena travel to China in order to uncover the truth behind the event that brought them together. If you've played the game, then you almost certainly remember certain the plane crash scene where the Lepotitsa appears.

Rather than talking about that memorable scene itself, I'd like to go over a little bit of RE trivia. Did you perhaps notice that Chris makes a very short appearance during the scene?

Right after the start of Chris' campaign, there's a reported who's curtly brushed off by Chris as he tries to get a sound byte, well the broadcast he's shooting is actually shown on the screens inside the jet itself.
It's only for split second, but you can actual make out Chris' face in the confusion! Go back and check now if you want to see for yourself.

That's some detail they put in there...Also it looks the BSAA really seems to know how to handle the press.

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  • I never noticed this, probably because I was too busy running from Lepotitsa. Speaking of which, how did the Lepotitsa get on the plane anyway? Did Simmons know that Leon and Helena were following him, and had the bioweapon planted on the plane to stop them? The game never explains this.
  • Nitephall Sep 05 2016
  • I did notice the first time i played this chapter, you can see chris on tv.
  • RESIDENTE MALO Aug 20 2016