Continuity Crazy!

I was playing the Resident Evil remaster the other day, when something occurred to me while I was thinking how useful Jill's lock picking ability is.
In Resident Evil 5's Lost in Nightmares scenario, Jill picks the lock to the Spencer Estate right at the start of the adventure.

I can't believe I never noticed the connection before, I'm kind of disappointed with myself! It really is a nice little throwback to the series' origins.

I'm going to have to go back and play Lost in Nightmares now...!

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  • Ha funny there's NO HISTORY of stupid "alex" before the 5 section then wanna try to add her with no backstory to the originals and try to make it seem "she was there the entire time" one of the worst characters
  • HCF Midnight Apr 10 2017
  • Lost in Nightmares IS the episode where Jill picks the lock to the Spencer estate. You've already played it. Your thinking is as fuzzy as Capcom's when they write most of the files for the RE games.
  • Nitephall Oct 13 2015