Piers' blunder

In Resident Evil 6, Piers is considered by many as a future leader of the BSAA. With his incredibly supportive nature and unwavering morality, he is at the core of his unit, although if you weren't paying attention you might have missed one particular scene where he falls short of his own standards.

Right after the unit defeats the Ogromen, Piers is incensed when Sherry and Jake are allowed to go on their way and board the chopper, and has to be reminded by Chris as to the purpose of their mission. Finn the rookie chimes in with their objective ("To fight terrorism sir").

Piers losing out to a rookie kind of reminds me of Chris and Rebecca during the Mansion Incident, I guess even rookies have their day.

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  • But we love him and forgive him, (and also, it's fun watch him with his quarrels against Jake XD)
  • Adngel Dec 27 2015