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Weapon Pack

Enhancement Setrev

  • Now available

Features a selection of rare weapons complete with parts.

All parts can of course be removed and attached to other weapons you have collected.
All weapons are Level 1, although they have a higher rarity than usual and feature an additional slot.
(Not available for use in Campaign)
PC356 "Speed Shot"
Equipped parts
Aura of Strength 3
(Partner attack and defense power+16%)
Medical Kit 3
(Health recovery within8m)
Fertilizer 3
(Herb drop rate25%)
Enrage 2
(Target aggression+400%)
Daze 3
Fire Rate 2
(Firing speed+16%)
Stop the hoards in their tracks
L. Hawk "Speed Load"
Equipped parts
Ammo Magnet 9
(Ammo drop rate+28%)
Metal Detector 3
(BP drop rate30%)
Long Magazine 8
Suppressing fire
MP5 "Speed Shot"
Equipped parts
Long Magazine 10
Fire Rate 4
(Firing speed+28%)
Bind 3
(Stopping power+120%)
Daze 3
Critical 2
(Critical Hit+20%)
Automatic interception
High Roller "Sonic Assist+"
Equipped parts
(Auto fire)
Reloader 8
(Reload speed+30%)
Damage 4
Long Magazine 7
Fire Rate 2
(Firing speed+16%)
Offense is the greatest defense
Hydra "Sonic Assist"
Equipped parts
Wide 2
Easy Hit 3
(Hit zone+300%)
Daze 4
Bind 4
(Stopping power+150%)
Piercing 1
Superior piercing
M40A1 "Sonic Assist+"
Equipped parts
Piercing 2
Damage 5
Reloader 4
(Reload speed+20%)