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Extra Files

Sherry Birkin
A U.S. agent ordered to protect Jake by her direct superior Derek C. Simmons. Sherry, the daughter of researchers William and Annette Birkin, was only twelve when she was rescued by Leon and Claire during the destruction of Raccoon City in 1998, and she has been unable to lead a normal life since. Her father, William, after deliberately infecting himself with the G-Virus and mutating into the creature known as "G," had implanted Sherry with an embryo because of her genetic compatibility. Considered as a specimen of the utmost importance, she was essentially held captive under the U.S. government's supervision, and became an agent as one of the conditions of her release.

On the first day of the Raccoon City incident, Annette contacted Sherry at her school and told her to leave early, retrieve the pendant containing the hidden G-Virus sample from their house, and head to the police station. There she encountered Leon and Claire, who tried to take her under their wing, but she ran away whenever they approached her. With both her parents completely immersed in their research, Sherry had led a lonely childhood and found it hard to trust others, but she would eventually confide in Claire and Leon who had offered her a helping hand and had risked their lives to retrieve a vaccine for her. One of the reasons she became an agent was so that other children would not have to experience the same upbringing as her. She appears to relate to Jake, whose life has also been affected by virus research and who has to come to terms with the actions of his father.