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A snake-like B.O.W. encountered in Lanshiang. The Iluzija, unlike other snakes encountered in past, is not an infected snake, but rather the result of a spontaneous mutation in a C-Virus-infected human subject following chrysalidification. Its name derives from the Serbian for "illusion." It was named as such because of its stealth ability which allows it to blend into the surrounding environment. This ability is often triggered when Iluzija have located potential prey and enter a state of excitement. The ability increases the chances of the creature being able to approach its victim unawares. If sufficiently wounded, Iluzija can be seen with the naked eye, but its skin hardens and it can no longer be damaged using ordinary weapons. As it is the outer skin of the creature which offers protection and camouflage, when it opens its jaws in preparation for an attack it will expose itself and can be damaged.

The BSAA Alpha Team led by Chris Redfield encounter the Iluzija in the Poisawan slums in Waiyip. It is ultimately electrocuted by Chris, but not before it has dispatched the majority of the team, including Keaton, Reid, and Jeff.