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Resident Evil 7 teaser released!

Resident Evil 7 teaser released! Resident Evil was finally announced at E3 in Los Angeles, along with a trailer entitled TAPE-1: Desolation!     It's a pretty heavy 3 minutes, what do yo...
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Share your love of Resident Evil with the Resident Evil Ambassador program!

Resident Evil 7 is leading the charge of the series' 20th anniversary, but we're also thrilled to announce the launch of the official Resident Evil ambassador program!     Register as a ...
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Chris and Wesker poker faceoff

The official Resident Evil Facebook page shared a fan-base image of an unusual RE-themed battle!     It looks like Chris won this hand; Wesker's expression is priceless!   Even Irvi...

BIOHAZARD THE TOON: The dangers of dropping items

There's a new set of BIOHAZARD THE TOON comics over on Club96!   Looks like Rebecca is carefully dumping some stuff, I think we can all relate to this…   You can check out the stri...

[Ended] Level Restricted Challenge No.116 Get your full slot Anaconda here!

Clear Level Restricted Challenge No.116 at level 1 you'll be rewarded with a Anaconda Long Range+ (Lv100, Slot 6)!               With it's incredible firepower n...
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Resident Evil 20th Anniversary: An interview with producer Hirabayashi and Director Anpo

The following interview featuring Yoshiaki Hirabayashi and Yasuhiro Anpo has them discussing their time when working on Resident Evil 5, along with the series as a whole.       ...
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S.T.A.R.S. 1999 Rebecca cosplay

The official Resident Evil page recently posted this faithful Rebecca cosplay as she appeared 20 years ago.   The red bandana really completes the already detailed outfit.      ...

RE NET One-click poll results: Which chopper made it back safely?

Thanks to everyone who took part in our latest micro-poll we sent out in the newsletter!   Just how many RE fans were able to tell the different between the three choppers from a single screen...
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Jill vs Yawn: A fan's take on a deadly battle

The official Resident Evil Facebook page shared the following fan art recently.     We're really digging the cartoon style; Richard, you will be avenged! We'll be sharing more RE fan wor...
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BIOHAZARD THE TOON: Ulterior motives?

A new set of BIOHAZARD THE TOON 4-panel comics were recently released on CLUB96, the official Japanese Resident Evil community!   Billy is a man of few words, but with a strong sense of justic...