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Resident Evil 20th Anniversary US tour update!

As we mentioned previously in the news section, a RE 20th Anniversary trailer is currently touring the US!   It almost looks like a board game. Better stay out of the Pacific...    ...
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New trailer for the next full-length RE CG movie "Biohazard Vendetta", out this spring in Japan!

Out in spring 2017, Biohazard Vendetta is the latest chapter in the Resident Evil CG movie series.               A new trailer was recently released, here's a qu...
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[Ended] New RE7 "Lantern" demo showcased at the Tokyo Game Show!

The Tokyo Game Show starts, and RE7 is making a very special appearance with the new "Lantern" demo”.   A blank screen and a pile of tapes...what's about to start here?     &nb...
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A new update for the RE7 demo!

Having already taken the gaming world by storm a couple of months ago, a new update for "Resident Evil 7 Teaser: Beginning Hour" was released today.     This new update has been cryptica...
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RE Producer Masachika Kawata's GamesCom 2016 Interview

Masachika Kawata answered a number of questions at this year's GamesCom, you can find his answers in the following video.     A lot of the questions are quite short, as the fans seem rea...
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[Ended] Resident Evil 20th Anniversary U.S. Tour!

The official Resident Evil Facebook page shared the upcoming Resident Evil 20th Anniversary Tour!     The bus will be touring 30 cities across the US, and showing off the latest VR demo ...
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An glimpse of Alex the intellectual

The official Resident Evil Facebook page recently shared some fan-made Alex artwork!   In Revelations 2, Alex does her best to get in the way of the main characters at every opportunity. Given...

New BIOHAZARD THE TOON comics based on RE4!

CLUB96, the official Japanese Resident Evil community site, has just posted another batch of BIOHAZARD THE TOON comics!   Looks like one of the final scenes; Leon, Ashley, hurry up!   &nb...
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Resident Evil 4 is finally out on PS4 and Xbox One!

Resident Evil 4 has now been released worldwide for PlayStation®4 and Xbox One. The official Resident Evil channel created a very special launch trailer to celebrate the re-release of the Resid...
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Rebecca cosplay: behind the scenes

Capcom UK recently released a behind the scenes video of their recent Rebecca cosplay shoot!   ■Morgane's Monthly Cosplay - Rebecca Chambers RE0       Here's the Rebecca costum...