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Playing dead

Resident Evil Outbreak: File #2 was released 11 years ago on April 26; the official Facebook page made a post that has collected an incredible of comments from fans from all over the world, go and ...
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Jill looking good in black and white

The official Resident Evil Facebook page posted another awesome piece of fan art of a black and white S.T.A.R.S.-era Jill.   I hope that isn't Chris' blood...   And now I want to play Jil...
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Earth Day down on the beach

The official Resident Evil Facebook page recently celebrated Earth Day encouraging everyone to take out some Globsters.   I'm embarrassed to admit it but I had no idea April 22 is Earth Day, ...

Choose your team with RE NET's one click poll!

Thanks to everyone who took part in our micro poll we sent out in the RE NET newsletter! Our question to you was about which S.T.A.R.S. team you would want to join if you made it past the gruelling...

[Ended] Clear all 30 missions in Weekend Survivor 17 event and step up your sniping game with a Lv 100 Slot 6 Zaytsev!

Clear all 30 missions in Weekend Survivor 17 event and step up your sniping game with a Lv 100 Slot 6 Zaytsev !               The reloads might take a while to g...
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New "BIOHAZARD the Toon" strip!

Resident Evil's official Japanese community site CLUB96 has been posting a ton of new content since its fecalift, including the latest episodes of the 4-panel comic " BIOHAZARD the Toon", which is ...
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Stylish Ada Wong fan art

The official Resident Evil facebook page posted an impressive piece of fan art of an RE6-era Ada.   Although she's initially caught up in the game's plot due to an unknown puppet master, littl...
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New anniversary messages for Resident Evil's 20th anniversary!

The recently renewed Resident Evil 20th Anniversary portal site has been receiving tons of messages and artwork from a host of different artists and celebrities.   Tooru Fujisawa gave Jill an ...
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An interview with director Oda

A new interview with Resident Evil 0 director Oda has beed hopted on the Resident Evil 20th Anniversary portal, and contains a number of behind-the-scenes info including how Wesker Mode came to be....

[Ended] Flyers on the horizon in Invasion of the Huge Creatures No 13!

We've sighted two Glasps rapidly approaching off the coast, although luckily it seems that their giant size somehow prevents them from using their invisibility.   >>See the event page fo...