New BIOHAZARD THE TOON comics based on RE4!

CLUB96, the official Japanese Resident Evil community site, has just posted another batch of BIOHAZARD THE TOON comics!   Looks like one of the final scenes; Leon, Ashley, hurry up!   &nb...
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Resident Evil 4 is finally out on PS4 and Xbox One!

Resident Evil 4 has now been released worldwide for PlayStation®4 and Xbox One. The official Resident Evil channel created a very special launch trailer to celebrate the re-release of the Resid...
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Rebecca cosplay: behind the scenes

Capcom UK recently released a behind the scenes video of their recent Rebecca cosplay shoot!   ■Morgane's Monthly Cosplay - Rebecca Chambers RE0       Here's the Rebecca costum...
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Claire and Sherry have no time for Zombies

The official Resident Evil Facebook page recently shared this excellent depiction of Claire and Sherry.     Looks like the zombies are closing in, but we all know Sherry's safe enough an...

Umbrella Corps updates with a new mode and map!

Umbrella Corps latest update adds the brand new "4 Survivors" mode! In "4 Survivors" you'll start off without a Zombie Jammer and a limited loadout, do you have what it takes to survive?   &n...
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Resident Evil 7 new trailer released!

The official Resident Evil channel has just released a new trailer for Resident Evil 7 entitled "Lantern"!     It's a tense three minutes... I wonder what'll happen to the woman? You can...
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"The pursuer" AKA Nemesis fan art!

The official Resident Evil Facebook page recently shared this intimidating Nemesis bust fan art!     If it had a speech bubble I'm sure it would read "S.T.A.R.S.!!". Actually this image ...

[]Free Umbrella Corps demo coming to PS4 for a limited period!

If you haven't had a chance to check out the tense, compact, and speedy shooter that is Umbrella Corps, we'll be releasing a free demo on PS4 this weekend! The demo will only be available for play ...
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RE community manager cosplays as Rebecca!

The official Resident Evil Facebook page posted another Rebecca cosplay recently.   Looks like they found the perfect location for the shoot! The cosplayer is none other than the Resident Evil...
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Claire shows off her charms

The official Resident Evil Facebook page shared another great piece of Claire fan art!     She’s looking supremely confident in this shot, maybe she’s trying to catch someone...