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Nothin' like a little gardening to take the edge off! Check out this artwork from an overseas fan!

This is a special update from the RE.NET team. We just had to show this great illustration, which was picked up by the official Resident Evil Facebook account.   Jack has been reunited with hi...

Find out who survived "Ethan Must Die" with RE NET's updated stats!

RE7 players around the world have been slowly coming to terms with the new "Ethan Must Die" mode. RE NET has also updated its Global Stats page, and you can now check how many times players have di...

RE7 "Banned Footage Vol.1" DLC is here!

Here's the lowdown on RE7's "Banned Footage Vol.1" DLC, out on Thursday:   First up is "Bedroom", a terrifying escape experience.Can you make it out of the bedroom without Marguerite noticing?...
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Check out Resident Evil 7 The Experience in London!

Capcom UK's community manager tried her luck the Resident Evil 7 Experience held in London a few days ago. Have a look at the video below to see what participants had to face!   ■Resident Evil...
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RE7 launches in London!

Here are a few shots of one London store's celebration of the RE7 launch.   Looks like an awesome goody bag.   A bloodied mannequin, the axe below is a nice touch.   A fitting displa...
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Relive Pete's ordeal in "Get this out there"

A number of weird tapes have been showing up recently.     They contain a message from everyone's favorite Sewer Gator, Pete.     Looks like this takes place right after the R...

[BIOHAZARD THE TOON] Leon is outdone

CLUB96, the official Japanese Resident Evil community, recently added a new 4-panel BIOHAZARD THE TOON comic!   Leon is having door problems.   >>Click here to access Club96 (Articl...
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[UK only] Resident Evil 7 - The Experience, featuring a Baker mansion-inspired location in London

To celebrate the upcoming release of Resident Evil 7, Capcom UK has prepared a very special event in London called Resident Evil 7 - The Experience!   ■Resident Evil 7 - The Experience Reveal ...
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Latest news for the next full-length RE CG movie "Biohazard Vendetta", releases May 2017 in Japan!

RE fans rejoice! The next chapter in the full-CG series of Resident Evil films, Biohazard Vendetta, will be releasing on May 27 2017 in Japan!        Some new shots have also be...
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A fan-made party of heroes

The official Resident Evil Facebook page recently shared the following fan creation! Looks like everyone's favorite characters are having a festive time (along with a chimp it seems...).   &n...